Death, Drinking Games, Babbling, and Resurrection

Posted: August 21, 2010 in Ink's Poetry


I started working on Death Loves a Drinking Game a little over a year ago. It seems I’ve lost the ability to pull anything together as quickly as to be surreptitious). It is to be a book that collects all my drinking-themed poems and poem fragments in a small volume approximately the size of my first book. I have a feeling that this project just got a giant kick in the ass by a recent incident that incurred a reflective sobriety upon the habits that spurred the idea for this book in the first place.

So rejoice, readers, there will soon be 2 books after much waiting: Miserable with Fire, which is my latest collection of new materials, and Death Loves a Drinking Game, which I’ve already told you about. Both books are a departure from my norm in terms of organization. That is to say, they’re organized. Even outsourced the arrangement of Miserable, due out before the end of this year, so that it wouldn’t fall prey to my linear mind. I don’t know when Death will be readied, but there’s definitely gonna be more material as well as a rethinking of depth. I expect it should follow the other release within 6 months or so. So check back for updates.

Speaking of updates, I’ve fallen into the tweeting crowd. My apologies. But my Twitter is a good way to check up on what I’m reading, especially since my reviews have not appeared here in quite some time (even though I’ve fallen in love with many a book and poet since the last endorsement). Unfortunately, my twitter will also introduce you to things such as my affection for anime, music, virals, and senseless babbling (oh, but the latter should be of no surprise to you).

Updates to new poems, the finalization of the P.O.O.P. page, and new audibles will be up, in a perfect world, within a couple weeks.


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