(Not So) Social Shit

Posted: December 19, 2010 in Misc

Some more news on the whole social marketing front:

  • Due to its horrible design, the fact it’s owned by Rupert Murdoch, and trends favouring Twitter and Facebook, I’m officially cancelling my MySpace (my_____) page. Any recordings that were streaming via myspace.com/freshink78 are available for download in the Audibles Archive. I regret killing all the links to other poets/performers I’ve known, but we’re all out there on like 15-bazillion other SN platforms anyway. If you want to know someone I find cool or influential in the world of poetry/music, be a person and ask.
  • I’ve never liked Facebook. It’s too focused on games and not very friendly to artists who identify themselves by what are deemed “inappropriate” pseudonyms. However, with the cancelling of my MySpace, I suppose I need something supplemental. So there’s now a barebones Facebook page for Ink. Basically, it’ll only serve as a signpost for directing people to this blog, my website, and my collaborative haiku/senryu effort, but feel free to favourite it or befriend it or masturbate to it (warning: ejaculatory stains will apply to all subsequently viewed pages as well unless wiped off promptly with warm water and soap) to help spread the love.

    All the best,

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