Wringing Out the Old Year

Posted: December 31, 2010 in Ink's Poetry

Adding to last week’s tease of new material, I offer you fresh pile straight from Lincoln Logs!

portrait of potato in recliner” (the dull motions of an aimless day),
Statutory” (the corruption of youth through marketing),
Bartender’s Choice” (bar noise pissing of a poetry-loving drunk),
Unless it’s an orgasm” (the worthlessness of writing at anything other than full vigor),
Because no beauty” (dejection’s cycle via the gift of flowers),
Disheartened” (fear of death on I-95),
A Stretch” (growth cycle of a tree), and
Wine Tasting” (the fickleness of influence upon a connoisseur’s palate).

Also, after a little over 10 months, there’s finally new Audibles!

Apology Written in Shit
Unless it’s an orgasm
Because no beauty
Found Business Card #1
Livers for Poems Program

Also if you visit the Audibles page, you’ll notice that the official page for Miserable with Fire has gone live! The book will be available next month, but click around to whet your appetite.



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