On the rag: Adanna

Posted: February 14, 2011 in Misc, Poetry Endorsements
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While the recent VIDA findings show existing literary rags need to amend their publishing tendencies/policies, a new journal, Adanna, is taking proactive action to the newsstands this summer in the name of the female voice by focusing on female writers and women’s issues.

I know this blog and my writing don’t generally attract readers of the female persuasion, but I am, being one of many men in a generation raised by women, a feminist (once you stop laughing, feel free to continue) and as such urge anyone reading this to buy/read Adanna’s forthcoming Summer 2011 issue. And to make sure your male guilt/feminist intrigue isn’t assuaged for whatever the price per issue is, subscribe! The founder/editor, one Christina Redman-Waldeyer, is an established poet, educator, and, dare I say it…woman. She’s published 2 books through Muse Pie Press, a repeat offender in the propagation of critically chosen poems (don’t let the fact that one of their projects has published a couple of my pieces dissuade you).

Of course if you are a woman or are currently writing about women or their myriad issues, Adanna is currently calling for submissions. Help them get the word out by raising your voice!


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