New and Tweaked

Posted: April 12, 2011 in Ink's Poetry

Relax. I know I haven’t been true to the 30/30. But there ARE more poems coming. My reasoning is that so long as I post 30 in 30, it doesn’t matter when they appear. Yeah. Let’s go with that.

That said, Lincoln Logs is offering up 2 of my 30/30s:
A Warning” (an attempt to counter the dreaded ‘baby picture portfolio’) and
Pick Up Line (A Love Story)” (an awkward crush tale).

Also, I’ve tweaked a couple of the poems posted previously:
Advice to Vanity” (commentary on the learned behavior of primping) and
Disheartened” (fear of death on I-95).

ALSO, (I know, right? It’s like Xmas here!), a few more Videos are available:
Of a Different Caliber” (depiction of a romantic dump at gunpoint),
The Path to Glory,” (find out how present-day Jesus makes a living) and
Spun Out” (the futility of longing for what is no more).
The video is from five years ago, at the Somerville Library’s Third Thursday Poetry Series. Don’t judge. You were young and awkward once too.

You want Audibles too?! Well, aren’t you lucky!
Advice to Vanity,” (a new, more competent recording)
A Warning,” (as read with the urgency it needs!) and
Pick Up Line (A Love Story)” (as read with the shamelessness I’m known for).



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