Excuses – Reflections on the 30/30

Posted: May 1, 2011 in Ink's Poetry

Sometimes pressure is the best medicine. Sometimes there just needs to be a group of people with like talents putting that much effort towards a common goal so that their energy may be leeched by those around them. Sometimes I need to be reminded that having a talent is worth nothing if it is not used; that being given such a tremendous gift is one thing, but working to use that gift to its utmost is the ultimate thank you to the gods who’ve bestowed it upon me; and that laziness is disappointing for all parties involved and never rewarded. So it is with vacuumed lungs, jellied mind, and rubber legs I say that “12 out of 30 ain’t bad.”

Last year, I only managed to squeak out seven poems, and most of those ended up buried in notebooks or files never to be read again. This year, I’m rather happy with the twelve that were produced. And while not all of the poems have been polished to perfection as of yet, I’m sure that every single piece of those I’ve completed this year for the 30/30, as well all of the incomplete and unexplored ideas/stanzas that I plan on developing, will come to light on my website or in a new collection. I was not willing to post poems that were not ready at least on a basic level just to meet a quota, and in terms of subject, I never bowed to the “can’t write a poem” poem (though it certainly was tempting at points).

As substantiation for my efforts, I’d like to point out that one of the poems, “A Warning,” was very intelligently and thoroughly likened to and preferred over one of Roethke’s works on a similar theme. Obviously, this April was a proper boot just when I needed a good kick in the arse.


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