The Idiom Book Release Party – May 8, 2011

Posted: May 10, 2011 in Events, Poetry Endorsements
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The Idiom Volumes 3 & 4

The Idiom (Volumes 3 and 4) (buy via Amazon)
Eds. Keith Baird, Mark Brunetti, Chris McIntyre

The Idiom, a New Jersey-based, underground literary journal, first appeared some 6 years ago and has been rolling along – gathering no moss, but submissions – ever since. Printed on a whim, at will, and when finances allow, the freely distributed, photocopied rag was founded on the humble credo that poems should offer memorable imagery via accessible language. “Submit to The Idiom…just don’t read it” is the self-deprecating mantra of the magazine, so it is not surprising that the release party for The Idiom Volumes 3 and 4 – the rag’s second formal collection of former printings (October 2007 to July 2009) – featured more music and party than self-celebrating poetry.

The poetry that defines The Idiom was far from absent, however. A slew of bands – Intense Men, Xylophone of Wrench, Accidental Seabirds, and others – played the night through, punctuated periodically by poets reading pieces from the recent publication. This was beautiful for two reasons: 1) set changes between bands (i.e. when the poets read) were filled with sound and emotion instead of mindless chatter of an impatient crowd, and 2) the crowd got to drink themselves silly and be social from 9 pm to 1:30 am…which is what poets do best. And what place better to hold a book release party for post-beat poets than the Brighton Bar in Long Branch, NJ, which regularly supports poetry via open mics and booze amidst an atmosphere of rock.

This event was a testament to the party which is poetry and a celebration in honour of those who fight to make a place for it to thrive within an entertainment culture that is increasingly indifferent and even aggressively disinterested in poetics. The determination of The Idiom’s publisher rang true with his nervous pacing, and the love for the homegrown magazine itself was heard in every one of the heartfelt readings from the contributors who took the stage (see above video).

  1. Layla Coyle says:

    Hey Ink,

    Long time, no talk. It’s Layla (Katie’s friend). We went to some open mics together a few years ago. I took a hiatus from the poetry scene, but have found myself sucked back in (as usual). I’d love to do something with you guys again. Let me know if there’s an open mic or some other poetry thing you wouldn’t mind me tagging along to. BTW, blog looks great. Thanks,

    -Layla Coyle

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