New Shit! (Procrastinator’s Edition)

Posted: May 28, 2011 in Ink's Poetry

Welcome to the Procrastinator’s Edition, where I give you polished forms of all my 30/30’s and call it new shit. Some of the poems have changed quite a bit since their debut on this blog, whereas others have just been tightened. Either way, they’re definitely worth the re-read! And to appease your curiosity as to when brand new shit will appear, there is already a post lined up for 2 weeks from now with logs-a-plenty! For now, let’s break out the

Lincoln Logs:
The Long Walk Home” (sympathy gained via pain),
A Warning” (damned be parents with cameras),
Pick Up Line (A Love Story)” (a confession invoked by the timing of weak bladders),
Seashell” (a conversation with a certain stretch of the Jersey Shore),
Sixteen Years Gone” (reflections of an alcoholic on her I-told-you-sos),
Thinking MFA? Consider these alternatives:” (response to a tweet retweeted by the poetry foundation),
untitled (Her chest: a vacuum framed)” (how heavy is an empty heart?),
Emulation of a Heartbeat” (parental trickery),
Poetry Appraisal” (an extension of Jay Sherman’s “Buy my book!”),
Tight Quarter Company” (sympathy for those with Alzheimer’s),
Ode to My Heart (In Preface to the Attack)” (apology to my blood pump for my eating habits), and
Do Museums Still Need Objects?” (is the past worth the space it occupies?).

There is one new addition to Videos:
Momma’s Boy,” (You said you wanted more Freud? You got it!).

Two of the new Audibles were difficult to record – one because of the history I had to draw upon and the other because I simply cannot say “seashell.” A few others spurred slight revisions all their own to their written counterparts. See? It’s good to talk to yourself!

Sixteen Years Gone,
Thinking MFA? Consider these alternatives:,”
untitled (Her chest: a vacuum framed),
Emulation of a Heartbeat,
Tight Quarter Company,
Ode to My Heart (In Preface to the Attack),” and
Do Museums Still Need Objects?



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