Excuse me, did you just hear a flush?

Posted: December 26, 2011 in Ink's Poetry

Between what I’ve been reading and how my head’s been operating of late, I’ve been in an odd place language-wise. So while it’s been a long time comin’, I’ve finally got some New Shit for ya!

Lincoln Logs:
Again In My Monster’s Mouth” (Orpheus & Eurydice as an alcoholic couple),
A Groovy I Do” (wedding oaths for the ceremony of the commuter),
Inner Monolog: Love Letter to My Oblivious Wife” (explaining the strong, silent type)
untitled (Call me grey-haired)” (re-imagining wallflowers)
Survivors” (have vs. have-not guilt), and
Casualties” (a eulogy for those fallen in a winter’s battle).



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