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Posted: February 16, 2012 in Events, Misc

I’m not really a touring poet. I’m more of a stay-at-home-and-observe-your-backyard poet. But every once in a great while, personal comfort zones must be victims of terrorist acts in order to free the soul from stagnation. And since a certain Chris, surnamed Rockwell, has already made me jump out of my comfortable skin into the exposed nerve of the duties of an open mic host, I thought I might all the same further my unease and jump on Jason Portizo’s brainchild, the 7/7 Open Mic Tour. This got to reminding me: even though I put out a brand new book last year, I never toured behind it. I toured behind “Words that Should Never Be Said…to a Woman,” so why do such a disservice to my latest culmination of efforts?

So now, some whatever years after the rise and fall of MySpace and the creation and deletion of Ink’s account on the same, I’ve finally made a spot available on Ink’s Blot v3.0 for information on where to find me spewin’ my purty words. So check the new Tour section, which currently has my remaining span as the host of the Tuesday Night Speakeasy at The Annex and the 8 stops (7 announced, one TBA) on the 7/7 Open Mic Tour. I hope to put together a feature list sometime soon to tour (locally) behind my most recent book, so check back often or subscribe to the RSS feed to spare your browsing history the shame.

  1. invadingnola says:

    One day I’ll get north of the border and watch you spew them purty Po words!!

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