Posted: March 29, 2012 in Events, Ink's Poetry
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There’s a few happenings in wait concerning that lovely haiku collaboration over there to the left:

“A haiku collaboration,” you exclaim while a inferring a question. Yes, “Five, seven, then five / We must tell a whole story / in just three short lines,” is comprised entirely of modern 5/7/5 syllable pieces that run the gamut from haiku in the classic vein to hilariously foul and bawdy senryu that will make sailors and nymphs blush. These were compiled from 5 fantastic New Jersey poets – Jason Portizo, Keith Baird, Heidi Moon, Josh “Dogmatic” Matson, Anthony Defabritus – and myself.  The official book release date is April 7, but you can get a hold of one earlier.  More on that a little later in the post. Read on!

There’ll be a Mental Rhythms podcast, with Jason Portizo and me discussing and promoting the hell out of “5, 7, then 5….”  Also, there’s soon to be posted an 88.9 FM (WMCX) interview with four of the contributing poets.  We had a blast and you will too, so look for links sometime in the near future!

That brings us to happening #2: the ultra secret (not really, please come!) “5, 7, then 5…” pre-release!  This will go down as part of  To Be Continued… bookstore’s grand opening celebration.  The party starts at noon at 431 Main Street in Metuchen, NJ, and a few of the “5, 7, then 5…” poets will be reading poems from the book around 2pm.  Copies will be available to purchase!  Be the very first person to read it!

Lastly, but not leastly, there’s the official “5, 7, Then 5…” book release party!!!  This is the big one.  It’s gonna go down at 6pm at Turnsile Coffee in Belmar, NJ.  There’ll be bands (Elevator Art, Accidental Seabirds, Justin Roberts); there’ll be poetry (haiku and more standard fare) from contributing poets as well as guests; and there’ll even be books!  Yes, books!  Piles of ’em!  Even though they’re going to cost $10 everywhere else, we’re gonna let you have your very own copy for just $7.00 if you come party with us!

Picture top left: front cover of “Five, seven, then five…” by Josh “Dogmatic” Matson
Picture bottom: back cover of “Five, seven, then five…” by Erin Carkeek

  1. Ink says:

    Mental Rhythm’s Mental Notes Episode 13 is up! It features Jason Portizo and myself discussing the “5, 7, then 5…” book and about the consequences of bullying and who (if anyone) can be blamed for them. Then give the rest of the podcasts a listen. Then Subscribe!

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