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Posted: April 14, 2012 in Misc, Poetry Endorsements
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Integration is a wonderful thing.  At a time when poetry is all but absent from the mainstream public’s eye in the USA, an example of how to turn things around exists in the form of a Japanese cartoon of all things.  If you’re unfamiliar with anime, or perhaps are only familiar with its stigma stemming from its pornography (hentai) branch, then take the time to get to know Chihayafuru. This 25-episode (season 1) show attempts to capture the attention of Japan’s cartoon-focused youth with a modern tale that revolves around a competitive card game (karuta) based on the deep poetic history of their island nation.  This integration of historical art and modern media is a lesson that poetry proselytizers here in the good ol’ USA could learn from and adopt as well.  Though I’d highly recommend watching this thoroughly enjoyable show (for free, legally, on Crunchyroll), you can also delve straight into my analysis of Chihayafuru here.


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