Post-Burnout Resurrection

Posted: May 20, 2012 in Ink's Poetry

Readers, I owe you an apology. For those keeping track, it’s been a good five months since has featured new material, and that is unacceptable. Initially, I was going to tell you to blame the growing number of literary magazines out there that, in this age of blogging vs. digital publishing, have got a stick up their collective arse about a poem they’re considering for publication appearing anywhere other than in their pages or on their website. I can understand this to a degree but felt the practice unfair given that my site’s meager hit count average is not likely to affect readership one iota. The whole practice of holding back new shit really pisses me off, but then I can only blame myself for not cycling through the old new shit: poems not appearing in any current collection and not currently making the “please publish me” rounds. So I apologize for not rotating stuff sooner. I’ll pay mind for keeping stuff moving in the future. That said, and with another apology for the lengthy apology (I mean, who wants to hear apologies? You’re hear for poems!), I wanna present you with some…

…wait for it…

“Late Shift” – waitresses earn tips as their salary, but that doesn’t mean they like putting up with you
“Tight Quarter Company” – sympathy for a fellow diner addict who faces the crippling effects of age
“Cipher” – the dangers of over-analysis
“Thinking MFA? Consider these alternatives” – a Poetry Foundation tweet turned love poem for life
“Statutory” – condemning child targeting practices of marketing firms and capitalism
“Poetry Appraisal” – a short proof on why poetry books should cost way more than they do

“Miss Me?” – cows aren’t the only animals ruining the ozone, and Glade ain’t that much better


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