Got Kindle? Got Kenyon.

Posted: June 23, 2012 in Misc, Poetry Endorsements
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When I first wrote about the Kindle Fire, I didn’t adequately imagine just how much I would come to love it. App availability and Flash compatibility aside, it is a magnificent device.  When was the last time you heard me say “magnificent?” To prove this point, I submit for your approval the FREE subscription of the Kenyon Review that is available to all Kindle owners. Sure, the content is “limited,” but look what limited includes:

Elegy owed
—Bob Hicok—

In other languages
you are beautiful – mort, muerto – I wish
I spoke moon, I wish the bottom of the ocean
were sitting in that chair playing cards
and noticing how famous you are
on my cell phone – pictures of your eyes
guarding your nose and the fire
you set by walking, picture of dawn
getting up early to enthrall your skin – what I hate
about stars is they’re not candles
that make a joke of cake, that you blow on
and they die and come back, and you,
you’re not those candles either, how often I realize
I’m not breathing, to be like you
or just afraid to move at all, a lung
or finger, is it time already
for inventory, a mountain, I have three
of those, a bag of hair,  box of ashes, if you
were a cigarette I’d be cancer, if you
were a leaf, you were a leaf, every leaf, as far
as this tree can say.

This was from the Summer 2012 issue, which offers up a lot of other great pieces of poetry and prose as well. Also, the free subscription lets you flip through the journal in 2 modes: Page View and Text View. While the offering of both may seem a tad silly, the combination provides the look of a real journal with the functionality (search, highlight, look-up) of an eReader. Keeping abreast of the latest issue of said subscription is as effortless as going to your physical mailbox; a download starts automatically once connected to Wi-Fi when each new issue is available.

Honestly, I wish more literary journals would have such a tremendously well-designed eSubscription…even if not for free. Heck, after this last issue, I might just subscribe to get all the content. At $0.99/month, what the heck is the reason not to?

(The reproduction of the above poem is done so merely to illustrate the quality of poems offered via a free subscription. It is not meant to infringe upon copyrights of the Kenyon Review or Bob Hicok, whose book, “Elegy owed,” comes out in 2013 according to a couple sources and is fully recommended by this blog for purchase upon release.)


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