Posted: February 24, 2013 in Events, Ink's Poetry

First off, work on making Death Loves a Drinking Game into a Duel Book has begun by those tireless SOBs over at Piscataway House Publications! Initial choices have been made, plans for future roundtables have been scheduled, and interesting layout possibilities are being debated. Until that book comes out, I have been working (slowly) on new poems for you to enjoy. The new page to keep an eye on for this dribble of new content is Dumping Grounds. But poems aren’t all I’ve been up to.

Recently, I had the chance to edit a book for a short story writer who has very quickly become one of my favorite contemporary short story writers. Well, I caught the bug and started writing a short story too. It keeps growing though and shows no signs of stopping, so what I’m tentatively calling “The Natural State of Things” might turn into a novella or worse: a novel. I submitted a stand-alone section of this work-in-progress to the Kenyon Review’s Short Fiction Contest, along with a newly edited version of “An Interview with Gretel.” As soon as they’re rejected, I’ll post links to both short stories on this blog only. The work on a new short story is exciting for me, mainly because of the endorsement/encouragement of the aforementioned author as well as the reactions to the snippet from a few select friends in whose unbiased opinion I trust wholeheartedly. Also, I’d like to think I’ve grown as a writer since the labored short stories that appeared in Tripped Tongues & Fallen Cases.

The Tenth Anniversary Poetry Festival: A Celebration of Literary Journals will take place On May 19, 2013 at the West Caldwell Public Library in New Jersey, and I’ll be one of two readers representing the Edison Literary Review at the showcase event. The editors of the Edison Literary Review, in addition to publishing a couple of my more usual poems in previous issues, recently stepped outside their normal publishing criteria comfort zone to place a haiku of mine within an upcoming issue. Gina & John Larkin and Tony Gruenewald are a fantastic team that puts out a quality literary rag (subscribe!), and I couldn’t be more honored that they’ve chosen me to read on their behalf  at such a defining event.

Speaking of haiku, there was a slam put on by Suffern Poetry at the Elk Lounge in Hoboken, NJ this past Saturday evening.  It was the most intense slam I’ve ever attended, which I chalk up to the impact inherent in such short poems as well as cunning choices made in each round regarding tone of topic. It wasn’t a classic haiku slam, but that didn’t stop the daring from bringing out classic haiku here and there. Highlights included a father-son duel, short jokes, STD jokes, all the laughs and all that glorious tension! Also, Mark Brunetti was stalking EVERYONE. You can check out the fruits of his photophilia here.


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