New Shit!

Posted: January 4, 2016 in Ink's Poetry, Misc

A while back, my keyboard became a source of anxiety. There was simply too much possibility, and indecision choked my ability to output. The coward I was decided to turn my writing efforts towards the safety of the analytical. And while that was fun for a while, I realized over time that I became bored with writing simply to write — something that became clear as I increasingly failed to lend anything substantive to an existing and growing discourse. Even a column initially undertaken for fun turned into something that felt, at least from the grip of my own pen, dry and manufactured — uninspired. In other words, I became comfortable, bored, and, even worse, irrelevant.

My venture into pop media analysis, specifically dealing with Japanese cartoons, at least deepened my appreciation for poetry on some level. While consuming mass quantities of brightly colored animated series and movies, I noticed many instances of the honor given to poets and poems. Upon further investigation into name drops and quoted lines, I traced poetic evolution in Japan, discovered new favorite poets and poems, and became enamored of various poetic forms. I even toured a two-hour presentation on the importance of instances of poetry in Japanese animation (anime) to nothing but applause. (Plans are in motion to make a blog of “Poetry in Anime: the Power of Words in a Visual Medium,” as I believe the presentation has value for introductions and reference as well as generating general interest in poetry and animation.) But all of that effort was ultimately homesickness in the guise of big doe eyes gushing elephant-sized tears.

I honestly don’t know if I have anything original to say anymore (or anything unoriginal to say originally). I know I certainly regret, or at least disagree in part with, (how I’ve said) some of the things I’ve published previously. To that end, I announce the forthcoming Delinkuencies: Legacies, Corruptions, and Future Shame — a collection of revisions and new poems. I’ve also retooled my website, (v4.0), with a cleaner look as well as a freelance editing services section. While on writing hiatus, I’ve come to realize how much I enjoy working with others to make their words the best they can be. Doing so calls to me almost as much as creating original works does.

So stay tuned. Newness is coming, but progress is a minute hand under constant watch.


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