Now, about that new(nes)s…

Posted: May 15, 2017 in Ink's Poetry

Planning projects is great, but personally speaking about planned projects seems to equate to officially submitting their obituaries. Ink’s Blot v4.0 is up and running, and if you go there now, you’ll notice a link to an address-gathering submission box tool thingie. That is for an actual newness.

Last year, my head wasn’t doing so well, and I basically went to a dead town to see if I would come back. What came to me, instead, was a frantic bit of writing spurred by a fantastic sense of intense and earnest responses to the situation in which I placed myself. I dwelt on my experience and worked on the poems like none before and created new ones in the original theme. In the end, I wound up with writing that surpassed my every expectation of competency to the point where I feared the message was lost. I was wrong; advanced reader copies have reaped nothing less than gushy praise.

The old newness, which is entitled 61 Central, has been picked up by a fairly major independent publisher. It’s the first time someone outside of my good friends at Piscataway House Publications is publishing one of my collections, so I’m stoked for you all to read it. The collection is essentially a segmented ambient horror poem written via observational narrative. I wanted it to be creepy, and I’m told it’s a fantastic winter read. Go on over to this page and put in your snail mail address to get a promo postcard announcing the chapbook’s availability.

It feels good to be back.


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