About the Author

Ink draws from his experiences in central New Jersey, where he can be found hugging perfect-bound and loose leaves alike as if they are not paper-cut-capable. His poetry appears sporadically in print and online journals as bait with which to garner readership for his 4 chapbooks – “Drinking Coke & Smoke with Beer on the Table” (2000), “Tripped Tongues & Fallen Cases” (2003), “Inanimates” (2004), and “Words That Should Never Be Said (…to a Woman)” (2006) – and first formal collection, “Miserable with Fire” (2011). Ink is also one of six poets in the modern haiku/senryu collection, “5, 7, then 5….” He has a fiendish addiction to all things caffeinated, a thorough knowledge of how to waste time, and a website at http://www.inksblot.com. Ink’s next book, “Death Loves a Drinking Game,” is due out in late 2012 via Piscataway House Publishing as part of their Duel Book series.