Regular readers of my poetry have noted that while I have a steady voice, my style tends to be anything but consistent. In large part, I blame this on my reading habits. When I read other poets, their styles unintentionally blend with my own for a bit, and certain aspects can linger longer than others. Below are listed (in no particular order of importance or relevance) the poets whom I feel have had the largest influence over my writing as well as those with styles/writings of which I am enamored…even if they do not affect how or what I write.

Emily Dickinson (Bio)
Henry David Thoreau (Bio)
e. e. cummings (Bio)
Robert Browning (Bio)
Percy Bysshe Shelley (Bio)
Robert Frost (Bio)
Walt Whitman (Bio)
Li-Po (Bio)
Matsuo Kinsaku (Basho) (Bio)
Charles Baudelaire (Bio)
Charles Bukowski (Bio)
Billy Collins (Bio)
Bob Hicock (Bio)
Saul Williams (Bio)
Rumi (Bio) a la Coleman Barks (Bio)
Gregory Orr (Bio)
Taha Muhammad Ali (Bio)
Matthea Harvey (Bio)
Tony Hoagland (Bio)
Shel Silverstein (Bio)
Sarah Lindsay (Bio)
Lucille Clifton (Bio)
Karen Finneyfrock (Bio)
Wislawa Szymborska (Bio)
Taslima Nasrin (Bio)

…and probably a million more I’m forgetting. It is callous, I know, to forget or take for granted that which comprises oneself, but there have been many voices which I have listened to so very closely with these eyes over the years, and more are heard every day. I urge anyone who has come upon this page to check out poetry by all of the above-listed poets!


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