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This has happened two years in a row now, and there’s really no excuse. So once again, it’s up to me to alert any and all potential judges to a misprint regarding the 20th Annual Asbury Music Awards:


While my general mode of modesty is self-deprecation, I can think of no typo more flattering or grievous. Don’t get me wrong; I am truly humbled that someone even noticed my poetry, let alone thought it worthy of such an honor, but the fact stands that almost all of the other nominees in this category, as well as those who were not included but should have been, are far more deserving of the title/trophy than myself.

The laurels typically associated with this title carry with them expectations of honed talent as well as responsibility for promoting readership. While it is true that I can write the hell out of a poem (you cannot imagine how much admitting that makes me cringe), all of the other talented nominees, or at least those I know, are active purveyors of poetry: educators, slammers, open mic emcees, guerilla poets. None simply concentrate on selfishly crafting their own formula of the word (as is my case).

As it stands, aside from a few failed ventures in starting workshop groups, I am naught but words on pages (electronic and otherwise) and an apparition at open mics. I carry a ravenous hunger and broad appreciation for the art of poetry, both on the page and off the tongue, but do nothing aside from lend my specific dish to an already distinguished menu. So please join me in rooting for all the other nominees who have actually earned such recognition. Then, if you still have applause left in your soul and your hands aren’t too sore from applauding, pick up my book(s) or simply let me know what you think of my poems; that’s the best honour I could ever imagine.