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It’s finally happening! “Death loves a Drinking Game” has a street date! and a party! But before all of that, I’ll be featuring at a lovely spot in Red Bank, NJ alongside two astounding poets from New Jersey’s Asbury Park scene: Joshua J. Ballard and Josh “Dogmatic” Matson. There’s even going to be a contest for a giveaway of an advanced copy of the new book! Details for that reading are here.

And now, the biggie: “Death Loves a Drinking Game,” one half of the Duel Book with Keith Baird’s “Before I Die I Want to Swim with Sharks,” is officially being released by Piscataway House Publications on January 18. There’s gonna be a party with poetry and music and a haiku deathmatch! Details are here. If you love me, I’ll see your face and sell you a book.


188135_309347012499824_1562935498_nRecently, I edited a book of poetry for 2012 Asbury Park Poet Laureate nominee Joshua J. Ballard. There’s gonna be a release party on January 30 for I Keep Going to kick-start his next tour, and the author was kind enough to ask me to perform as part of the 5, 7, then 5 (buy via amazon) collective. Several other poets, bands, and artists will be there, so come on out! It’s also my last appearance in 2012 and might also mark my extended retirement from the scene as a whole. So come glimpse my majesty while ye may!

In other news, Death Loves a Drinking Game has been pushed back a little for a 2013 release and is now to be paired with the work of the stunningly touching and immensely talented Keith Baird! Look for more on that as news becomes available.

Hope you have a grand send-off to 2012 and that 2013 treats ya right.

I’ve been lazy with the audibles, I know. Luckily, there’s this:

It’s rare these days to see analytical podcasts for contemporary poetry, despite how desperately they’re needed. So along come Mark Brunetti and Keith Baird, editors of NJ’s largest underground literary rag, The Idiom, to rip apart poems before your very eyes ears. Just so happens that the inaugural podcast very adeptly analyzes 4 of my poems: “Glow” (since retitled “At Both Ends”), “Advice to Vanity,” “Again in my monster’s mouth,” and XVI. Take a listen and gain some insight or confirm your own suspicions! And be sure to check out all their future podcasts!


I started working on Death Loves a Drinking Game a little over a year ago. It seems I’ve lost the ability to pull anything together as quickly as to be surreptitious). It is to be a book that collects all my drinking-themed poems and poem fragments in a small volume approximately the size of my first book. I have a feeling that this project just got a giant kick in the ass by a recent incident that incurred a reflective sobriety upon the habits that spurred the idea for this book in the first place.