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Hank Kalet (bio and blog)
CERTAINTIES and UNCERTAINTIES (buy via Finishing Line Press or Amazon)

Columnist, reporter, blogger, and humanitarian Hank Kalet uses “CERTAINTIES and UNCERTAINTIES” to connect experiences through images of the everyday, though not the everyday everyone knows…yet. In his poems, common domestic acts, such as grocery shopping, are given foreign settings and foreboding atmospheres to effectively produce a special kind of sympathy lacking in the depictions offered by most poets today (myself included) towards those currently surviving in war-ravaged regions. The message is as simple as it is brilliant: people everywhere more or less have to go through the same motions for survival, and the contrast between the certainty of routine and uncertainty of survival is but fickle circumstance. In a time when publishing poets are increasingly shrinking into academia and themselves to passively entertain a likewise select and shrinking readership, Kalet is spreading humanity through the written word to reach and actively influence the thoughts of anyone lucky enough to encounter this book.

With a New York Times article quote from an Iraqi schoolteacher in Basra as an epigram, “The Waiting” is perhaps the most demonstrative of what I perceive as Kalet’s intent and the book’s voice: