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I’ve been lazy with the audibles, I know. Luckily, there’s this:

It’s rare these days to see analytical podcasts for contemporary poetry, despite how desperately they’re needed. So along come Mark Brunetti and Keith Baird, editors of NJ’s largest underground literary rag, The Idiom, to rip apart poems before your very eyes ears. Just so happens that the inaugural podcast very adeptly analyzes 4 of my poems: “Glow” (since retitled “At Both Ends”), “Advice to Vanity,” “Again in my monster’s mouth,” and XVI. Take a listen and gain some insight or confirm your own suspicions! And be sure to check out all their future podcasts!


Oh yeah, taking a page from my own hype book, make sure you get down to see this! Poet and rock star, Chris Rockwell, is having fellow artists Jason Portizo, Alex Savastano, Dylan Barnes, and myself open for him at a party of immense proportions.

Cafe de Point
2429 Bridge Ave.
Point Pleasant, NJ
June 29 @ 7pm

Been sitting on a pile…

Posted: August 21, 2011 in Ink's Poetry
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…of new shit for a little while.

Lincoln Logs:
Jealous” (exactly what it sounds like…and maybe a little bit more),
Rubberneckers” (what you’re really looking for when craning your head),
untitled (Shaking hands with thunder at 3 a.m.)” (portrait of a disturbance),
Thief” (the timeline of a love affair),
Simply That Good” (what warrants your thoughts when facing the finite?), and
We Make Do” (a tour of displacement and isolation via your grandparents’ living room).