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Jason Schneiderman
“Sublimation Point”

Good poetry has layers of meaning. Good poetry reacting to former generations of poems with meaning upon meaning, laboriously and academically assembled, will be refreshingly plain. And so the cycle goes. Masterful poetry, though, speaks volumes of meaning very simply.

According to, there are six overall meanings for sublimation. Each describes the goals and means of a poet. Each describes how a poem should exist, what a poem is.

Jason Schneiderman, a homosexual Jewish poet from NYC, conjures up worlds of emotion while simultaneously inducing awe for the manner in which he accomplishes this. Effortless, you’d assume so. The language is so plain, the topics (thus why I mentioned he was homosexual and Jewish) are so earthly, the effects on the reader so unmistakable. But there are six overall meanings for sublimation, and that’s only one-half of the title.