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Panelists: Bob Hicok, Martín Espada, Dorianne Laux

Cited in the schedule as addressing educational, socioeconomic, and cultural issues, Poetry and Class was quite possibly the panel I was most looking forward to seeing at this year’s festival. It did not disappoint, as the panelists presented experiences and talking points with the passion and intelligence one would expect from renowned poets. The discussion started with a focus on work/jobs; moved on to language; and finished up with stylistic prejudices before an equally thought-provoking Q&A.

I’ve been trying to review this 90-minute panel for about a week now and could not bring myself to summarize too much. You need to hear Espada, Laux, and Hicok fervently detailing their arguments and reading poems. Despite there being no chance for direct interaction now, it is a conversation you can take part of none the less by listening and thinking. Likewise, this may not be a perfect summary, but it is a bridge for you to get somewhere worthwhile. And in the end, that is the purpose of a poem.

If you just want to listen to the full audio recording* of the panel and not bother with any of my own summarization/interjection (no offense taken), click here. To continue reading my summary and interjections (with a link to the audio at the end), (more…)