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Posted: February 1, 2011 in Ink's Poetry

Greetings! The day is finally here! Exclamation!

The paperback version of Miserable with Fire is now available for purchase online at for $10.00 and Barnes& for $6.47. If you catch me at a reading, I’ll sell it to you for $5.00. Check out the book’s page on for a little back-story and some samples and then order away!

An eBook version is coming soon.

Also, I’d like to thank the editors of Shot Glass Journal for publishing “a poem starting with a Louise Gluck line,” which is in Miserable with Fire! Go there and check out all the wonderful poems of the new issue.

Best to all,


…anyone reading this, of course, because P.O.O.P. has settled into a neatly arranged pile in the bottom of its resting bowl! Can I get a “P.O.O.P. is dead, all hail the P.O.O.P.?” Didn’t think so, but it was worth a try. As long as I keep up my website dues, here’s what’s gonna represent P.O.O.P.:

Derailed by the Northeast Corridor” (a meditation on life’s direction),
Spring Mantra” (a warning, an anthem, a reason to kick him/her out of bed to satiate an unrelenting human hunger),
Rainy Day Afternoon” (’cause, really, what is lightning if not a bug’s lit-up rear),
Apology Written in Shit” [it’s gross, it’s touching, it’s all about miscommunication, so if you don’t get it, don’t worry (but please use a tissue)],
Preparations” (about getting ready for the big sleep and whatever dreams we may therein conjure),
Hand over Heart” (because we’re all sensitive to shocks),
sink or swim, A battle” (just to show I’m not ignorant of my habits…just overly accepting),
Postcard from Over the Edge” (one last long goodbye), and
Found Business Card #1” (a comment on desperation for communication, how would you howl).

Of course, when it’s ready, Miserable with Fire will have all of these in easily portable, paper form … for purchase! Here’s what the front cover is gonna look like…
Miserable with Fire cover

…so you know what to order by December 31, 2010.