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…anyone reading this, of course, because P.O.O.P. has settled into a neatly arranged pile in the bottom of its resting bowl! Can I get a “P.O.O.P. is dead, all hail the P.O.O.P.?” Didn’t think so, but it was worth a try. As long as I keep up my website dues, here’s what’s gonna represent P.O.O.P.:

Derailed by the Northeast Corridor” (a meditation on life’s direction),
Spring Mantra” (a warning, an anthem, a reason to kick him/her out of bed to satiate an unrelenting human hunger),
Rainy Day Afternoon” (’cause, really, what is lightning if not a bug’s lit-up rear),
Apology Written in Shit” [it’s gross, it’s touching, it’s all about miscommunication, so if you don’t get it, don’t worry (but please use a tissue)],
Preparations” (about getting ready for the big sleep and whatever dreams we may therein conjure),
Hand over Heart” (because we’re all sensitive to shocks),
sink or swim, A battle” (just to show I’m not ignorant of my habits…just overly accepting),
Postcard from Over the Edge” (one last long goodbye), and
Found Business Card #1” (a comment on desperation for communication, how would you howl).

Of course, when it’s ready, Miserable with Fire will have all of these in easily portable, paper form … for purchase! Here’s what the front cover is gonna look like…
Miserable with Fire cover

…so you know what to order by December 31, 2010.