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Panelists: Bob Hicok, Dunya Mikhail, Rigoberto González

There is a form of review called autobiographical analysis that I abhorred while in college and still do today to a certain extent. The practice in and of itself – using facts about the author’s life to read into the meanings of his/her work – is fine and a good exercise for thought, but since poems can be fiction just as easily as they can be fact (as well as everything in-between), more speculation can come from this particular form of analysis compared to other forms that strictly compare content between known facts about language’s historic and current affiliations. Arguably, poetry has become so ambiguous that it has started to alienate its would-be readers. So does poetry need the added hurdles of trying to figure out if what was said in a poem actually happened or how much of it didn’t. Does it matter? What are some of the benefits and drawbacks? In essence, that was what Tell All the Truth But Tell it Slant set out to answer.