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Sarah Morgan
Animal Ballistics
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The number of people putting pen to paper is great, those with talent are fewer, and those with talent and enthusiasm for performance are even more scarce. And while this may be said of any area where the notion of performance may be entertained, it is rare I lavish such compliments on poets who appear at slams. I have nothing against slamming. I think it’s a wonderful venue the same way open mics are. The only drawback, akin to that of open mics, is that they’re open. And most people, as stated above, are not those with a talent … much less for concise wording and dense, unapologetically enigmatic comparisons.

Luckily slams, like open mics, usually have features to draw in a crowd. As part of a crowd at Bar 13 in NYC, I witnessed one Sarah Morgan knock a crowd of 1/2 sober people on its collective ass, myself included. Though I had spent all my cash on drinks and the entrance fee, the impression she left on me withstood my sobering and made me recognize her when she appeared again at Loser Slam in Long Branch, NJ. It was there I was knocked over a second time and committed to buying a book. I am eternally grateful in the way anyone who has ever purchased a book or memorizes a poem honours its author.