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Squiggle Dee Minus Dumb

Posted: September 5, 2009 in Poetry Endorsements

Squiggle D
!? Learning to Fall

There are 16 pages in “!? Learning to Fall,” a chapbook by a local poet who goes by the pseudonym Squiggle D, and not one of them should be disregarded. These narratives, which often emulate and exploit the human connectivity of Walt Whitman’s lines, are packed with emotion and, more importantly, words that convey those feelings without saying too much.

Don’t get me wrong, the poems are not perfect. There are clichés and unnecessary language throughout (though certainly not in abundance), but Squiggle D’s attention to story is his strength, which is supplemented by his creative structure and boundless imagination. My favourite thing about his writing is the intensity felt behind words so reserved. It takes talent to accomplish that, and these 16 pages are full of such demonstrations.