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Seeing Red (& Blue)

Posted: February 10, 2011 in Misc
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Last year, more red poems appeared in literary journals* than blue poems. Look! There was much shock and fury when VIDATM‘s pie charts pointed out poems penned by penises enjoyed prevalent publication in 2010 whilst the virtuosity of vaginal verse was nigh vilified to the point of vagrancy via very thinly veiled institutional marginalization. Book reviews and editor genders shared similar ratios.


As a male author, it’s easy to look at such charts and shrug off the results as an exercise in subjectivity. After all, the published poems and reviewed books which comprised the male-weighted ratio obviously fit the issue/flow better, were of better quality, or spoke more personally to the editor in charge of fingering submissions for acceptance. Ah, but in that latter sentiment is the pet from the hand that consistently rubs the pussy’s fur the wrong way.